Line charts display information as a series of data points joined with straight lines. They are usually used to demonstrate a comparison of data values over time, for example, the sales of a product or the number of visitors to a website.

If the variation between data values is quite small, a line chart may be easier to read than a bar or column chart. Line charts are also easier to read where there are a number of data categories to compare.

Zero values, at the end of a data set, are not displayed on Line charts. Handling zeros or no data explains how Anaplan deals with null and zero values when generating charts

Create a Line Chart

  1. Highlight a range of cells in a grid.
  2. Click the Chart button on the Anaplan Toolbar and select Line Chart. The Chart Options dialog displays.

  3. Choose appropriate values in Chart Options.

  4. Click Publish to Dashboard and select a target dashboard.


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