1. Administration and security
  2. Bring your own key (BYOK)
  3. Delete Encryption Keys

As an Encryption Admin you can delete a symmetric key to remove it from Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). You might do this due to lack of trust for the key or simply because it's no longer required.

You cannot delete a key that is in use. If the key is used in an active workspace, you must decrypt the workspace or reassign the key before deleting it.
If the key you want to delete was previously assigned to any workspaces, you will no longer be able to decrypt archived versions of that workspace with this key.

To delete an encryption key:

  1. In the Anaplan Administration sidebar, under BYOK, select Encryption Keys.
  2. Select the encryption key that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Screenshot showing selection of an encryption key to be deleted and the Delete button highlighted
  5. To confirm the action, click Delete Key.
  6. Popup asking you to confirm deletion of an encryption key


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