You can disable encryption keys that are not currently assigned to a workspace. To stop using an encryption key, you can unassign it from each workspace to which it is assigned and disable it.

When you disable an encryption key:

  • The key is shown as disabled in the Status column of the Encryption Keys page.
  • The key is removed from the list of available keys shown in the Key drop-down of the Encrypted Workspaces page.
  • Workspaces encrypted with that key remain encrypted, including backup versions of the workspace.

To disable an encryption key:

  1. Unassign the key that you want to disable on each workspace to which it is assigned. See Unassign encryption key from a workspace.
  2. In the Administration sidebar under BYOK, select Keys.
  3. Select the Active key that you want to disable.
  4. Click Disable Key.

A red cross in the Status column indicates that the key is disabled.


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