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The Page options dropdown enables you to delete a page, or open the source model for a page.

Use these options to remove irrelevant data, or access further data from the same model.

Delete a page

Pages you delete can't be recovered.

To delete a page:

  1. In designer mode, open the page you want to delete.
  2. Click Page options in the top right of the page.
Page options dropdown in the top of a page in designer mode.
  1. Click Delete.
    The Delete page confirmation dialog displays.
  2. Click Delete again to confirm deletion.

Open the source model

Source model displays the title of the model providing the data for the current page.

You can open this model if you want to view it or reconfigure its data.

For example, you could enter revised Sales figures into a module view. Any grids based on this module view would then automatically update with these changes.

To open the source model:

  1. Open the page in designer mode.
  2. Click Page options in the top right of the page.
  3. Click the model name under Source model.
    The source model opens in a new tab.