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  3. Dropdown picklists

Dropdown picklists ensure that users are guided towards selecting valid values when entering data. The content of a dropdown picklist is not restricted; it is simply hidden.

Dropdown picklists do not create sparsity in a model.

Show All

Regardless of the kind of filtering applied, users can select Show All (the last item on the picklist) to display all the items in that list. Administrators can disable this option in Blueprint, using the Format dialog of a list-formatted line item. De-select Allow access to unfiltered items to prevent the Show All option displaying. Users will then see only the values defined by Selective Access.

The Show All setting is structural information in terms of Application Lifecycle Management.

Configure dropdown picklists

There are several ways to configure dropdown picklists in Anaplan:

Filtered picklists

Filtered picklists are based on the relationships defined between items in two or more lists. The lists are linked via list properties and the data is displayed via line items in modules. This table shows the kinds of dropdown lists that can be created using different model elements.


Selective Access

Filtered picklist


List subset

Line item subset

If a list-formatted line item has a formula applied to it, the line item cannot act as a dropdown list. The formula is respected rather than the list formatting.