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  5. Add cards to a board
  6. Add a KPI card to a board
  7. Add a number scale to a KPI card

By default, numeric KPIs display as exact number values. You can add a number scale to a KPI card to display the value in thousands (K) or millions (M).

KPIs with a number scale of Thousands or Millions round to two decimal places. For example, a value of 1,555,005 displays as:

  • 1,555,005 if you select None as the number scale format
  • 1,555.01K if you select Thousands
  • 1.56M if you select Millions

You can only add a number scale to KPI cards with a numeric value.

To add a number scale to a KPI card:

  1. In Board designer, open the Card configuration panel.
    The Card configuration panel displays automatically when you add or edit the KPI card.
  2. At the bottom of the Card configuration panel, click into the Number scale field.
    The Number scale drop-down menu displays with the options.
  3. Select None, Thousands, or Millions from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Publish.