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Name Description
ABS Returns the absolute value of a number.
EXP Returns e raised to the nth power, where e = 2.71828183.
FIRSTNONZERO This takes at least two numeric arguments, and returns the first that is non-zero.
LN Returns the natural logarithm of a number, based on the constant e.
LOG Returns the logarithm of a number to the specified base.
MAX Maximum value of selected line items.
MIN Minimum of selected line items.
MOD Modulus: remainder after dividing a dividend by a divisor.
MROUND Round to the nearest desired multiple.
POWER Raise a value to a power.
ROUND Rounds a value to a specified number of decimal places.
SIGN Show the sign of a number (result = -1 if the value is negative, 1 if positive, 0 if zero).
SQRT Square root of a value.