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Use the MAKELINK function to embed a link to a URL within a cell.

For example, if you have information in a module about the products you sell, you could create links to those products on your online store.


MAKELINK(display_text, URL)

The MAKELINK function has the following arguments:

Argument Data type Description
display_text (required)


The text that is displayed for the link. When a user clicks the link, they are taken to the specified URL.

URL (required)


The URL of the link. This is where users are taken when they click the link text.


The MAKELINK function has the following constraints:

  • The URL must be a valid HTTP (http://) or HTTPS (https://) link.
  • The result of the function must have the data type Text, and a text type of Link.
  • The domain part of the URL (for example, anaplan.com) must contain at least one letter, followed by a dot, followed by at least one other letter.


The following table shows some example formulas using the MAKELINK function.

You can enter values directly into your formula, or reference line items or list properties. All values must be enclosed in double quotes, like this: "Click here".

Formula Description Result
MAKELINK("Click here", "https://www.mywebsite.com")

A link with the display text "Click here", which takes the user to https://www.mywebsite.com.

Click here

MAKELINK("Click here", Product URL)

This example shows how you can include line items or list properties in your formula. In this example, the value of the URL is taken from a line item, called Product URL.

Click here

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