There are two menus you can access when working with dashboard elements: the dashboard element menu and the context menu.

Dashboard Element Menu

In comparison to the Dashboard Toolbar, which controls the settings for the dashboard as a whole, the dashboard element menu controls the settings on each of the individual elements of a dashboard.

You access the dashboard element menu via a small black chevron. When you select the chevron, it displays as a small blue dot with a white triangle. The pop-up shows the View, Edit, Format, and Data menus. You can also Search line items in an element and Open source module.

Context Menu

Right clicking in a cell or line item will display a menu of items to help you manipulate the data in the element.

Dashboard Context Menu

Depending on what is selected, the options include:

  • Copy and Paste functions
  • Hide and Show selections
  • Select Levels to show and Select Items to show
  • Breakback
  • Show History
  • Drill down
  • Drill to Transaction
  • Filter
  • List Filter (if list-formatted line items are selected)
  • Sort
  • Column Settings
  • Search

Controlling access to menu options

Administrators can control the menu options that users can access for each individual grid or chart element on a dashboard. In the Dashboard Designer, the Menu Options panel displays the options — select a check box to enable access; deselect it to deny access.


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