1. Modeling
  2. Working with Data
  3. Undo Data Entry

You can Undo data entry for a module or dashboard grid. You can undo your most recent action that changed a data value in a grid. This is known as an operation. You can:

Warning: Undo data entry can only revert values when there is a one-to-one relationship between the unique identifier and the display name. If the same display name value appears more than once in the numbered list it can't identify which value to revert to, so returns a blank value.

You can undo these operations:

  • updates to a single value in a cell
  • data pasted into cells
  • data deleted from cells
  • updates to several cells in one action
  • Copy across
  • Copy down
  • Breakback
  • Toggle a check box setting

Undo operations are recorded in the change history for a cell.