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The connection owner is the user who creates the first connection to an Anaplan module from a particular Google Sheets spreadsheet. Other users can still contribute to the spreadsheet, but the connection owner is the only person who can use Add-on connection features in that spreadsheet.

The Google Sheets Add-on is in early access (EA), and is only available to participants of the EA program.

Find out more about early access or how to register your interest in our current EA programs.

User roles and data access

In Anaplan, you can assign user roles to ensure that users only access the data they need in order to perform their role. You can also apply selective access and dynamic cell access to further refine which users can view specific data. This enhances security and enables users to focus on the data relevant to them.

As a result, two users might access different data when they connect Google Sheets to the same module. To ensure data consistency, only the person who creates the first connection in a spreadsheet can use the Add-on features in that spreadsheet.

This means that no one with a different user role can, for example, refresh a connection you created and change the scope of the data that displays. 

Connection owners and spreadsheet contributors

Before you create a connection, anyone who's signed into the Add-on can use the Add-on features.

Once you create a connection, you become the connection owner for that spreadsheet, and other users become spreadsheet contributors.

For spreadsheet contributors, Add-on features are disabled. A message displays the name of the connection owner. To use the Add-on features, either contact the connection owner, or create a new connection yourself in another spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the Add-on sidebar open on the right. All the options are grayed out except for Help and about and Sign out. A message displays on the sidebar, which reads:

As a spreadsheet contributor, you can still work with the data using all the normal Google Sheets features. You can also sign in and out of the Add-on and access help and information about the Google Sheets Add-on.

If you're a spreadsheet contributor and you would like to use Add-on features, you can create your own connection in a new spreadsheet.

Add-on features

Only the connection owner can use the following Add-on features: