As a workspace administrator, you can use the Model Management dialog to administer your models. For example, you can import a copy of a model into your current workspace.

Access the Model Management dialog

You can access the Model Management dialog from the Models page in Home or from within a model.

To access the Model Management dialog:

  • From the Models page in Home, select the Manage models button. If you have access to more than one workspace, select a workspace from the Select a workspace dialog that displays. Then select the Manage models button.
  • From within a model in the New Modeling Experience, select Manage models in the model settings bar.
  • From within a model in Classic Anaplan, select Manage Models from your account menu in the top right.

Check your workspace allowance

The Model Management dialog displays the percentage of workspace allowance used and the amount of space used in gigabytes.

Manage models

From the Models tab, you can open, create, delete, and rename models.

You can also:

Manage tasks

From the Manage Tasks tab, you can view the models in the workspace that are currently loaded into memory. You can select and close any loaded models.

If an import, export, or process is running in one of those models, then it displays after the model name and shows the progress of the task. You can cancel the import, export, or process task.


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