Anaplan Home

Anaplan Home serves as a personalized entry point and introduction to your Anaplan experience.  From Anaplan Home, you have fast and direct access to parts of Anaplan that are most relevant to you, such as your favorites, models, apps, and pages, through an improved look and feel. 

Access Home

You can navigate to Anaplan Home from the Application Menu. Anaplan Home is the default entry point for your user.

Navigation in Anaplan Home

The navigation bar provides global navigation options from Home and throughout Anaplan.

View your models

You can view your recently accessed models in Home. Alternatively, open the Models page to display all the models you have access to within your tenant.

Manage models

If you're a workspace administrator, you can use the Model Management dialog to manage your models. For example, you can change the model mode to facilitate Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

View your recent pages

The recent pages list shows the Anaplan pages you have recently visited. 

View your favorites

The Favorites panel shows a list of models, apps and pages you've marked as favorites.