Application Lifecycle Management overview

If you have Professional or Enterprise subscription you can use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to manage development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support and enhancements of your models.

Prepare models for ALM

These examples illustrate how to prepare your existing models for management with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) features.

Separation of duties

In large organizations, to meet the demands of internal processes, security, and the requirements of regulatory bodies, there is often a need for separation of duties. 

Model data and ALM

Every Anaplan model consists of structural information and production data.

Model modes and ALM

All models have four available modes: standard, deployed, locked, and archived.

Revision tags overview

A revision tag is a snapshot of a model’s structural information at a point in time.

Compare and Synchronize

Compare and Synchronize provides a mechanism for moving the latest structural changes from a source model to a target model. Both models must be structurally compatible.