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  3. My Pages
  4. Rename a page in My Pages

When you create a personal page, its default title contains the copy number — for example, Products (My Page 1).

It's good practice to rename your personal pages with titles that are more descriptive of your needs.

Note: To rename a personal page from the app contents, or in designer mode, follow the normal procedure to rename a page. The procedure below is to rename the page from My Pages.

Page names must be between 3 and 60 characters long. They must also be unique.

You can rename a personal page in My Pages from the Page settings dialog. 

To rename a page in My Pages:

  1. In Page settings, enter a new name in the Page title field.
  2. Click Save.
    The page name updates.
  3. The Page settings dialog remains open after you save the title so you can change the name again. To close the dialog, click Close.


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