Model builders use dimensions to define a module's rows, columns, and pages. Use page selectors to navigate pages and filter the data in a module.

As an alternative to page selectors, you can nest dimensions on a maximum of three levels on columns or rows.

When you create a module, put your dimensions on Columns or Rows in Pivot.

For example, the Country Margin Report module has Time, Confectionary, and Region on rows, and line items on columns. Pages is empty.

The image displays the Pivot dialog when creating a module. The Confectionary, Region, and Time dimensions are on rows, and line items are on columns.

The order of dimensions in Pivot match the order in a module. Time is the outermost dimension on rows, and Region is the innermost dimension.

The image displays a module with nested dimensions. All dimensions are added on either rows or columns, not pages.

Select Pivot in a module to temporarily reorder your dimensions. When you close and reopen the module, the dimensions revert back to the original order.

Note: If your module contains large amounts of data, it's best practice to use page selectors to ensure data is easy to view.


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