1. Modeling
  2. Dimensions
  3. Time
  4. Time Ranges
  5. Use Time Ranges in Modules or Line Items
  6. Time Ranges and Line Items

Time ranges follow existing rules for subsidiary views: a subsidiary view will be created for any line item whose dimensionality differs from module level dimensionality in any respect (analogous to list subsets).

If a line item has a quarter timescale, then quarter totals should be enabled at module-level to get a sensible overall view.

Line item dimensionality

In Blueprint (or Model Settings > Modules > Modules and Model Settings > Modules > Line Items), there are two columns: Time Scale and Time Range:

  • Time Range specifies the extent of the time range. The options displayed are: Not Applicable (in which case Time Scale is also Not Applicable), Model Calendar, or time ranges.
  • Time Scale specifies leaf-level granularity of line item data. Valid settings depend on two things: which aggregation levels have been chosen for the selected time range; and the Calendar Type (for example, Week is not available with a Calendar Months timescale).

This table summarizes the granularities available: