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Name Description
CODE Returns the code of a list item.
COLLECT Collects the data from the original line items from one or more modules (module must have a line item subset as a dimension).
CURRENTVERSION Returns the value of the current version as defined under Settings, Versions.
FINDITEM Matches text to an item of a list or matches text to a list item of a time period list (can match on item name or code).
ITEM Returns the formatted list item or time period-formatted line item.
NEXTVERSION Returns a value from the next version.
PARENT Can be used against list-formatted items to return the parent of a list item or against time period-formatted items to return the parent time period.
PREVIOUSVERSION Returns a value from the previous version.
RANK Orders a set of values and assigns rankings from 1 to a specified ending rank.
RANKCUMULATE Allows you to cumulate line item values based on ranking criteria, which might contain groupings. Can be used against lists but not time.
VALUE Converts a numeric value in a text field to a number format.