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  4. Refresh a connection

In series 3 of the Excel Add-in, refresh a connection to update a worksheet, or an entire workbook, with the latest data from Anaplan.

Refresh identifies any data changes in the Anaplan module or saved view that your Excel worksheet is connected to.
It updates the worksheet with the latest data changes. 

Note: The first extract, or refresh of data from Anaplan into the Add-in may take a few seconds. Once the data is loaded into memory, future extracts or refreshes of the same connection will be quicker.

The location of extracted data is determined by the starting cell you select when you make a connection. If you try to move the grid or copy data to another worksheet (or another location within the same worksheet), the connection to Anaplan breaks.

Click the Refresh button to display a drop-down list. Click Refresh to refresh the connection to your current spreadsheet or click Refresh workbook to refresh your whole workbook.

To refresh a connection to a current worksheet:

  1. Click the Anaplan tab in Excel.
  2. Click Refresh, either in the ribbon or on the Anaplan toolbar.
    The Refreshing Connection dialog displays and confirms if your refresh completes.
    If your refresh is incomplete, the dialog indicates what action to take to complete the refresh.

To refresh a connection to a workbook or several worksheets:

  1. Click Refresh workbook.
    A Refresh workbook dialog displays a list of worksheets with connections in the current workbook. 
  2. Select the worksheets you want to refresh.
  3. Click Refresh.
    The Refresh workbook dialog confirms the refresh status of each worksheet. 
    If your refresh is incomplete, the dialog informs you of what action to take to complete the refresh.

In Anaplan, a dimension can be added to or removed from the default view of a module. If your Excel worksheet is already connected to this saved (default) view, it needs to be refreshed to display the latest dimensions. To refresh this connection:

  1. Either:
    Click Refresh to refresh the current worksheet.
    Click Refresh workbook to select the worksheets you want to refresh, and then click Refresh in the dialog.
    The dialog informs you that the dimensions of the module have changed. 
The Refreshing connection dialog informs you when you need to carry out an action so your cell data is synchronized with Anaplan.
  1. Either:
    Click Pivot to work with the most up-to-date data.
    The Pivot and Filter dialog displays for you to pivot and filter the dimensions.
    Click OK to leave the data in your Excel worksheet unchanged.
    You can pivot and filter a module in the Excel Add-in. 
    However, to pivot and filter a saved view, do this in the Anaplan model, and save your changes.
    Then return to the Excel Add-in and refresh your connection to display the changes.

To refresh a Multi-Sheet Connection:

  1. Follow the steps above.
    The Refreshing connection dialog lists the worksheets and color codes them per Multi-Sheet Connection.
  2. Either refresh all the worksheets or select the ones you want to refresh from the list. 

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