1. Mobile app
  2. Edit data on mobile
  3. Modify list items

Change the value of a list item in a list-formatted cell.


  • You have been granted permission to edit data by a model builder. Editable cells contain purple text.

To edit a list:

  1. Double-tap the cell you want to modify.  
    The cell opens in edit mode.
    Note: To open edit mode you can also select the cell, and tap either the cell preview or pencil icon. 
Worksheet titled Region Approval Status. American States display on rows. Raise Percentage and Approval Status display on columns. The Approval Status cell for the Alabama line item is selected as Declined. List-editing options display at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Select the list item to be added.
  2. Tap the green tick to confirm your selection.  

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