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  3. Tag and find data in models
This is a workspace administrator feature.

You can group different types of information together by applying data tags to objects in your models. Tagged data can then be searched by keyword.

You can create as many different data tags as you need. Data tags are model-specific: once a data tag is created, it's available to all workspace administrators with access to the model.

Create data tags

  1. In Model Settings, click Data Tags. The Data Tags page lists all data tags in the model.
  2. Click Insert.
  3. Enter the names of your data tags, then click OK. The new data tags are added to the list.
  4. If needed, enter descriptions of the data tags in the Description column.

Apply data tags to objects

You can apply data tags to the objects described in the following table.

Object Location data tags can be applied… Notes
Lists In Model Settings > General Lists or on the Configure tab of a list. You can't tag individual list items.
List properties On the Properties tab of the list. You can only search for tagged properties with a format of Text or List.
Modules In Model Settings > Modules or in Blueprint view. The same data tag is applied to every line item.
Line items On the Line Items tab in Model Settings > Modules or in Blueprint view. You can only search for tagged line items with a format of Text or List.

The same data tag can be applied to multiple objects.

To apply a data tag to an object:

  1. Navigate to the object you want to apply a data tag to.
  2. In the Data Tags column or field, click the ellipsis (…)
  3. In the Select Data Tags dialog, select one or more data tags to apply to the object, then click OK.

Find tagged data by keyword

  1. In Model Settings > Data Tags, click Find Tagged Data.
  2. The Find Tagged Data dialog appears.

  3. Enter any alphanumeric search keyword — the search is case insensitive. You can search for characters as well as whole words.
  4. Select the data tag that's applied to the data you want to search.
  5. Click Find.
  6. Review the search results in the Data Tag Search Results popup.
  7. If the search results include line items and modules, you can apply additional filters by clicking the Filter icon.

Data tag search results

The search results contain objects that:

  • are tagged with your selected tag; and
  • include your keyword in their name.

For example, if a data tag is applied to a Countries list, a search on the data tag using the keyword "sw" returns the following results:

Consider the following when reviewing data tag search results:

  • Lists are only included if they have a data tag applied. This includes lists used as module dimensions.
  • Line items and properties are only included if they have a format of Text or List.