Variables in Optimizer with real (decimal) values have a precision of 8 decimal places. However, calculation functions in Anaplan, such as SUM, return real values with precision of up to 15 significant figures.

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There are many ways a number can exceed the 8 decimal place limit, such as:

  • importing or entering such a number into a cell in a module that the Optimizer uses.
  • a mathematical operation increasing the number of decimal places. For example, if you multiply a number with 8 decimals by 0.1, the result is a number with 9 decimal places.

If any number that Optimizer gets from the model exceeds the 8 decimal point limit, the Optimizer internally truncates that number to compute a solution within the 8 decimal limit.

For example, 5.55555555555555 is truncated to 5.55555555.

However, to evaluate the Boolean line item associated with a constraint, the model uses its original values. So, in some rare cases, one or more Boolean constraint line items might not display a true value even if the Optimizer has found a solution. For example, when a truncated decimal means that a value is marginally smaller, altering a value in the constraint formula.


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