1. Modeling
  2. Working with Data
  3. Compare

Compare lets you compare data values against a base case. You can choose what to compare the data against: a different version, a previous version of the current module, a list, or a time period.

Color-coding quickly identifies problem areas. The default color / status combinations are:

  • Green = better
  • Red = worse
  • Blue = changed / neutral
  • Gray = unchanged

When a comparison is displayed, the top-right of the screen shows a check box displaying the name of the options chosen. Clearing the check box will cause the comparison to be discarded and you'll return to your base data.

Setting up a comparison

  1. Click the Compare icon.

    The Compare dialog displays.

  1. Select a Comparison Base, either Previous Version or Specific Base.
  • If Specific Base, choose a List Item.
  1. Select a Comparison Mode, you can choose from:
  • Values: show the values
  • Difference: show the difference, compared with the base-case values.
  • Percentage: show the values as a percentage of the base-case values.
  • Percentage Difference: show the percentage difference compared with base-case values.
  • Optionally, select Use Color Coding.
  • Click OK. The comparison is displayed.