1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. DocuSign for Anaplan
  4. Create DocuSign Workflows

A DocuSign Workflow represents the list of recipients you want to send your envelope to. This list is retrieved from the view you've selected and mapped to the recipients' roles you've added to the DocuSign template.

DocuSign Workflows are also used to define where you want to see the status of sent envelopes. By default, you can do that from the integration, but you also have the option to save that information in Anaplan.

Create a DocuSign Workflow

The Create a new workflow wizard guides you through the process of creating a DocuSign workflow. It's the last step to complete before you can send your envelope. You must first create an envelope — see Create Envelopes.

The DocuSign workflows you create are linked to the selected Anaplan account, workspace, model, and DocuSign account. They can't be shared among users.

Step 1: Main Settings

  1. On the Workflows tab, click New. The Create a new workflow wizard opens.
  2. In the Name your workflow box, enter a unique name:
  3. The DocuSign workflow name appears in the subject line of the DocuSign email.
  4. Select the envelope you want to send and then click Continue.

Step 2: Recipients

  1. Select the module and view that contain your recipients' names and email addresses.
  2. Make sure the views you select for the envelope and workflow have the same:
    • dimensions.
    • lists displayed on rows (in the same order). For example, recipients' names, IDs, numbers, etc.
    • hidden rows.
    • level of hierarchy selected.

    You won't be able to send the envelope if the views you select don't have the same structure.

  3. Use the lists (on the left) to map the Anaplan column headers to the roles and actions (sign, review, or copy) you've defined in your DocuSign template (on the right).
  4. There's no restriction on the number of recipients, and columns that are hidden in Anaplan don't appear in the lists.

  5. Click Continue.

Step 3: Anaplan Configuration (Optional)

To track the status of sent envelopes in Anaplan follow the next steps. Alternatively, click Save to create the DocuSign workflow.

Prerequisites: You must have created the columns in Anaplan that will display the envelope status information. See Set Up and Configure DocuSign for Anaplan.
  1. Select the Track status in Anaplan checkbox.
  2. Use the lists to map your view's column headers (on the left) to the DocuSign data (on the right). These are the different types of status information you can retrieve in your Anaplan view:
    • Envelope Name: The name of the envelope to which the sent document belongs.
    • [recipient role] Sent Date: The date the document was sent to the recipient.
    • [recipient name] Action: The action the recipient needs to perform: sign, review, or copy.
    • [recipient name] Action Completed Date: The date the recipient signed the document. This tag is available only if your recipient has to sign or review the document.
    • Envelope Status Status of the sent document. Every document’s status can be individually tracked.
    • Sent Document (PDF): Click the URL to open a PDF copy of the sent document. The integration must be connected to the DocuSign account that was used to send the envelope.
    • To update the status information above, including the PDF document, you must regularly click Update Anaplan in the integration.
  3. Click Save.

The DocuSign Workflow is created and listed on the Workflows page. You can now send your envelope. For more information, see Work with Envelopes.

You can reuse DocuSign Workflows and modify them by clicking Edit. This doesn't affect envelopes that have previously been sent and have the Completed status.

If the DocuSign Workflow you want to reuse is used in an envelope that's still In progress (not all recipients have signed it), any changes you make will affect that envelope. Before updating a DocuSign Workflow, make sure the envelope it is linked to has a Completed status, or create a new one.

Edit a DocuSign Workflow

Edit a DocuSign Workflow if you:

  • want to reuse it to send a different envelope.
  • have modified your DocuSign document and need to map new tags.
  • need to make updates.

If the DocuSign Workflow you want to reuse is used in any In progress document,(not all recipients have signed) then any changes you make will affect that document. Before updating a DocuSign Workflow, make sure all linked documents have a Completed status, or create a new DocuSign Workflow.

To edit a DocuSign Workflow:

  1. Go to the Workflows tab.
  2. Select the DocuSign Workflow you want to edit and then click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and then click Save.

Your DocuSign Workflow is updated and you can now send the linked DocuSign Envelope. Any envelopes that use the same DocuSign Workflow are not affected.

Delete a DocuSign Workflow

To delete a DocuSign workflow, there must be no in progress documents linked with the workflow. Review the Sent Document section and ensure all linked documents are either completed, declined, or voided before deleting the Workflow.

To delete a DocuSign Workflow:

  1. Go to the Workflows tab.
  2. Select the workflow to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.