The primary grid on a worksheet is the main location where end users will enter and filter data.

Therefore choose the grid that contains the most relevant data for their needs.

While grid cards cannot be used as primary grids, you can expand them to full-screen from the Insights panel.

To choose the primary grid:

  1. Open the worksheet in designer mode, or create a new worksheet.
  2. Click Configure grid on a new worksheet, or Select view on an existing worksheet.
    The Select primary grid dialog displays.
  3. To select the module view for use as the primary grid, choose:
    Custom views, and a view; or
    Module views, a module, and a view.
Select primary grid dialog. Custom views is selected in the left panel. The module selected in Custom Views displays in the center screen.
  1. A preview of the grid displays in the center screen. If you're happy with the preview, click Update.
    Alternatively, click Back to choose another module view.
  2. Click Publish in the top-right corner of the screen to save the worksheet.