The import action pulls predictions from PlanIQ forecast actions into your forecast results module.

To create the import action:

  1. Download and open this CSV file, and follow the instructions below.
      • In the timestamp column, in the first row, add one example of a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. The date should be an actual date from your historical data.
      • In the item_id column, in the same row, add one example of a forecast item from your item ID list.
      • Leave all other values empty.
      • Save the file in a CSV format. 
      • Close the file.
      • Open the file and verify that the time remains in YYYY-MM-DD format.
        We recommend you do this in a text editor.
  2. In your forecast results module (or module view), select Data>Import.
  3. Select Upload New File... and upload the CSV file. 
  4. Select Everyone from the Set Default File dropdown. 
  5. Select Dot from the Decimal Separator dropdown.
  6. Select Next
  7. Confirm Yes in the next dialog (Set as Default Import file <Everyone>).
  8. In the Mapping tab, map fields per this table.
Column 1: timestampTime
Column 3: forecast_actionForecast Action
Column 2: item_iditem_id (item ID list name may vary)
(Column Headers)Forecast Results Line Items
  1. Select Only update imported cells.
  2. In the Time tab:
      • Within How to map the source data into the timescale, select Dates.
      • Within Patterns with Separators, select Y-M-D.
  3. In the Forecast Action tab:
      • Make sure that Match on names or codes is selected.
  4. In the item_id tab:
      • Make sure that Match on names or codes is selected.
      • Make sure that mapping is complete and accurate for the forecast item you applied.
      • Items don't display if the item ID list exceeds 5,000 items.
  5. In the Forecast Results Line Items tab:
      • Select Map items manually.
      • Select Ignore for every source item that starts with "PlanIQ" (seasonality and trend items).
  6. Select Run Import.

The screenshots below show the step sequence of the import action.

File options

File option dialog for a PlanIQ import action.

Mapping tab

Mapping tab for import action PlanIQ.

Time tab

Time tab for a PlanIQ import action.

Forecast action tab

Forecast Action tab for a PlanIQ import action.

Item-ID tab

Item-ID for a PlanIQ import action.

Forecast Results Line Items tab

Forecast Results Line Items tab for a PlanIQ forecast action.

Next, set up a data collection in PlanIQ.


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