Use Anaplan's series 3 Excel Add-in to retrieve data from Anaplan modules and saved views into Microsoft Excel. Once retrieved, perform data analysis in Microsoft Excel.

For details of the latest version of the Anaplan Excel Add-in, click here.

When you create a connection between an Excel worksheet and an Anaplan module , you can view, edit, pivot, and filter the data in Excel. 

Use the Add-in as part of your Anaplan subscription — you do not need an additional subscription.

Series 3 refers to all versions of the Excel Add-in that start with 3. For example, versions 3.0.1, 3.1, and so on.

Set up the Excel Add-in

Check the preinstallation list to make sure your device has everything it needs to run the Add-in. If it does, then set up and install the Add-in.

You can install the Add-in in a number of different ways. Or, if you have an existing version, you can upgrade it.

Once you install the Excel Add-in, sign in to access features. You can either use your Anaplan username and password to sign in, or single sign-on (SSO)

Use the Excel Add-in

Use the Excel Add-in to analyze your Anaplan data in Excel. 

Create a read-only connection to a module or to a saved view. This doesn't change the source data in the Anaplan module. 

You can also create a read-write connection to a module or to a saved view, where you make data changes in the Excel Add-in to save in Anaplan. Use the Add-in's Send and refresh button to save your changes to your Anaplan model. You can create read-write connections in the Excel Add-in version 3.3 and above.

And you can create multi-sheet connections to access Anaplan data across multiple worksheets.

After you create a connection, you can pivot and filter or clone it.


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