1. Extensions
  2. Excel Add-in Series 3
  3. Work with Anaplan model data in Excel

In series 3 of the Excel Add-in, when an Excel worksheet is connected to an Anaplan module, the data displays in Excel. You can then view, edit, pivot, and filter the data in Excel.

Use the Excel Add-in if you prefer to carry out data analysis of your Anaplan data in Excel. 

You can create a read-write connection to a module or to a saved view, where you make data changes in the Excel Add-in to save in Anaplan. Use the Add-in's Send and refresh button to save your changes to your Anaplan model.
You can create read-write connections in the Excel Add-in version 3.3 and above, as well as Excel Add-in version 2.6.

Alternatively,  you can create a read-only connection to a module or to a saved view, where you edit Anaplan data in the Excel Add-in. This doesn't change the source data in the Anaplan module.

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