When enabled, the Touch-Friendly Spacing setting increases the amount of white space between different dashboard elements by 24 pixels. This makes interacting with dashboards easier for end users on mobile and touch-screen devices.

Viewing a dashboard on a mobile device with Touch-Friendly Spacing enabled (top) and disabled (bottom):

Touch-Friendly Spacing is set on a model-to-model basis and applies to all dashboards in a model. The additional white space only activates when viewing dashboards on mobile and touch-screen devices.

Touch-Friendly Spacing is enabled by default. If you'd rather your dashboards always had reduced white space between dashboard elements, regardless of the end user's device, then disable the setting.

Disable Touch-Friendly Spacing

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards pane in your model.
  2. On the View menu, select Touch-Friendly Spacing to disable the setting.
  3. If dashboards are already open, the change will take effect when they're reopened or refreshed.


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