Model builders use page selectors to navigate pages and filter the data in a module. You can configure page selectors on dashboards in the Dashboard Designer.

When you publish to a dashboard, select Edit to open the Dashboard Designer. Configure page selector options in Selection Options > Pages.

Specify the default dashboard

In Initial Page, select a value to display when you open the dashboard. Select any value in the page selector, or select Default.

The default value for lists, list subsets, line items, and line item subsets is the first list or line item a user has access to.

The default value for Time is the model's current period. The default value for Versions is the model's current version.

Show or hide the page selector and name

Select Show Label to show or hide the page selector name. Select Show Page Selector to enable or disable the page selector.

Note: If you disable Show Page Selector, you cannot change the page selector value on a dashboard.

For example, the module below has Time and Regions on pages. Time (Apr 20) has Show Label and Show Page Selector enabled. Regions (America) has Show Label enabled, but Show Page Selector disabled.

The image shows the Country Margin module published to a dashboard. The Time page selector has Show Label and Show Page Selector enabled. The Regions page selector has Show Page Selector disabled.

Configure synchronization

Select Synchronized Paging to enable or disable synchronization between page selectors in modules and dashboards. If you enable Synchronized Paging, page selector values persist between modules and dashboards for consistency.

For example, if you change the Time page selector on a dashboard to Jan 20, the same value appears in other modules and dashboards that use Time on pages.

Synchronization options relate to global context, which ensures the default synchronization of data in page selectors.

Global context

When you open a dashboard, if you choose a value other than Default in Selection Options > Initial Page, the value displays until you select a different value in the page selector.

Alternatively, if you select Default in Selection Options > Initial Page and disable Synchronized Paging, global context applies to the page selector when you open the dashboard.

You can also set global context with the CreateOpen Dashboard, and Copy Branch actions.


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