1. Mobile app
  2. Cards on mobile
  3. Use an Action card

View and run Actions on mobile. 

Mobile supports import actions and processes that do not require files.


  • The page builder has configured an action using an Action card or link to an action from an ellipsis .
  • If you want to run a notify action, the page builder needs to enable this.

To run an action on a card:

  1. Click an action button on the action card or click the ellipsis in the top-right of a maximized card.
    An Action dialog displays. 
    • Export actions are greyed out. 
    • Process or Import actions that require files can only run on desktop. 
  2. Run the action.
    • For a Notification:
      Complete the field with your message, and click Submit
      Note: Notify actions allow you to send email notifications to recipients based on context. You can leverage default messages or customize them to communicate the exact action you need the recipient to take.
    • For an Import:
      Click Import.
    • For a Process:
      Click Run process.
      Note: A process that contains an export runs all actions apart from the export as long as the actions do not require files.
    • For a Form:
      Complete the form and click Submit.
      A green tick indicates that the action ran successfully. For some action types, this is accompanied by a confirmation message.
  3. If the Close button displays, click Close.
    Otherwise, the action completes and you return to the page automatically.

To run an action from a worksheet or a card that is not an Action card:

  1. Click the ellipsis in the top right corner.
    A menu displays at the bottom of the screen with an Actions menu item.
  2. Click Actions.
    The actions display.
  3. Select an action, then run it.