1. Modeling
  2. Dimensions
  3. Versions
  4. Bulk Copy of Versions

Bulk Copy is a function that can be used:

  • to copy data from one version (a forecast) to another (a revised forecast); or
  • with lists to copy one source member of a list or roll-up to another member in the same list. For example, from one region to another or from one sales rep to another.

This video gives a quick overview of the functionality.

Bulk Copy Versions

  1. In Model Settings click Versions and the Bulk Copy button.
  2. On the List dropdown, click Versions.
  3. Choose a Source Member (on the left) and a Target Member (on the right). Be careful! You'll overwrite all data in the target member.
  4. Click OK. A confirmation dialog displays.
  5. Click OK to proceed with the copy.