1. Modeling
  2. Build Models
  3. Lists and Roll-ups
  4. Numbered Lists
  5. Preserve names in a Numbered List

When you convert a normal hierarchical list into a numbered list, the names are replaced by numbered IDs (#IDs).

To preserve the existing names and use them as display names:

  1. In Model Settings select Lists and Roll Ups , the list to be converted, and then click Open.
  2. On the Properties tab, click the Insert button and add a new property called Display Name and set the Format to Text.
  3. In the Formula box, enter a formula that copies the existing names into this display name property. For example:
    Formula = NAME(ITEM(MyList))

  4. In Grid View, check that the existing names have been copied into the display name property.
  5. On the Properties tab, remove the display name property formula.

    You must do this before converting to a numbered list otherwise the display name property will be overridden with #IDs. The display names should remain in place.
  6. In Settings click Lists and Roll Ups then click General Lists.
  7. To convert the list from a normal hierarchy to a numbered list, select the Numbered check box. Set the display name to be the Display Name property you created earlier.

    The list is now a numbered list with the old display names preserved. After entering new items, the display name property will need to be filled in, otherwise it will just show the #ID.