1. Modeling
  2. Contents

Contents displays the modules, dashboards, and views that you've been given access to according to your role, organized by functional area. When you open a model for the first time, what you see depends on your user role and what you have access to.

If you don't have a landing dashboard assigned to your role, Contents is displayed. If Workflow is enabled, you'll also see the Workflow tab.

You can hide Contents by clicking .

If you open a model for the first time, and you do have a landing dashboard, Contents is hidden and you have full access to the dashboard you need to work in.

Click or the gray bar to display the model contents.

When you exit the model, Anaplan will remember whether Contents was visible or hidden and display it that way the next time you open the model. This information is stored in a cookie, so if you clear the cache on your browser, the Contents will revert to its default state.

Modules and dashboards are categorized into Functional Areas, displayed as headings in Contents.

collapse or expand all items in Contents
expand all items in the Functional Area
collapse all items in the Functional Area
hide the Contents
show the Contents
access Anapedia
indicates what's currently in focus
Click a functional area to open all modules and dashboards contained within it in separate tabs.

Show hidden content

Dashboards often draw data from a number of modules, some of which a user may not have access to. When a user opens a dashboard, any data they do not have access to is hidden from display in the Contents panel. However, selecting the check box, Show hidden content, at the bottom of Contents, displays those items so that they can be accessed.

If you do not see this checkbox, your administrator has removed it for non-administrator users in this model and you can't access hidden content.

You can adjust the width of the contents panel by dragging the resize handle.