1. Import and export data
  2. Import Data into Models
  3. Overview of Private and Default Files
This is a Workspace Administrator feature.

This article explains the differences between private files and default files in imports and exports and helps you decide which type of file is most appropriate to use. It also describes how to:

  • Set a default import file for a file Import Data Source.
  • Set a default export file for an Export Action.

If you use the Anaplan API to access files, read the section on Access to Private and Default Files via the Anaplan API.

About Private Import and Export Files

New import and export files are set as private files unless you choose otherwise. A private file is not shared with other model users and is removed if not accessed at least once every 48 hours. This means that:

  • A private import file can only be accessed by the Workspace Administrator who originally uploaded the source file to the model.
  • A private export file can only be accessed by the user who originally exported the data from the model.

A private import file is created when:

  • A Workspace Administrator uploads a source file in Model Settings > Import Data Sources and leaves the value of the Set Default File dropdown unchanged: No (keep private).
  • Any user uploads a source file via the Anaplan API.

A private export file is created when:

  • Any user runs a file Export Action as part of a Process (for example, from a button on a dashboard).
  • Any user runs a file Export Action via the Anaplan API.

About Default Import and Export Files

You can think of default files as "fallback" files: if a user's private file no longer exists for a file Import Data Source or file Export Action, the default file is used instead. A default file can be set for Admins Only or Everyone.

Workspace Administrators have the ability to set a default file when they:

  • Upload a file to a model
  • Modify a file Import Data Source
  • Create or edit an Export Action
API users: You can only set default files in the Anaplan user interface. A default file cannot be set when uploading files or running Import or Export Actions via the Anaplan API.

Default Files in Imports

If a default file is set for a file Import Data Source:

  • When a Workspace Administrator runs the file import, the default file is used if they don't have a private file.
  • When a Workspace Administrator edits the Import Action or the file Import Data Source, they will see the default file in the Mapping tab. If they have a private file, they will see that instead.
  • Workspace Administrators can upload a different source file with the same file name and set it as the new default file.
If a new default file is set (for Admins only or Everyone) for an existing file Import Data Source, all private files uploaded to that file Import Data Source by other users are removed from the model. In this situation, you're prompted to confirm that you want to go ahead.
When an end user runs an import from a dashboard, they must always upload a personal copy of the import file, regardless of whether a default file exists for the file Import Data Source.

Default Files in Exports

In the case of exports, when a Workspace Administrator or an end user runs an Export Action, either in the Anaplan user interface or via the API, a new private file is created and exported.

Set a Default Import File

  1. In the File Options dialog, select Admins Only or Everyone from the Set Default File dropdown:
  2. Save the file Import Data Source or run the file import.

Set a Default Export File

  1. In the Export dialog, select the Save Export Definition checkbox.
  2. Select Administrators only or Everyone from the Set as default file for dropdown.
  3. Save the Export Action, or run the export.
We recommend that you always set default files for Administrators only. Default files set for Everyone are made available to all users in your Anaplan environment via the Anaplan API, not the user interface.

Edit Private and Default Import Files

When you edit a file import previously set as a default file, you can switch the privacy level between Admins only and Everyone.

When you edit a private import file, you'll see the message "This file is not shared with other users".

Not Set indicates a private import file without a corresponding default file.

Image: Private import file without a default file set.

Replace an Existing Default Import File

If you're uploading a file for which a default file is already set, you can choose whether to replace the default file with the newly uploaded file or upload a new version of the private file. Use the options in the Replace default file dropdown:

Image: Replace default file options.

Access to Private and Default Files via the Anaplan API

The Download Files action allows Anaplan API users to download import and export files in chunks, based on their role.

  • If a default file is set for Admins only, only Workspace Administrators can download the default file. Other API users (end users) will receive an empty file.
  • If a default file is set for Everyone, all users (including end users) in your Anaplan environment (tenant) can download the default file.

If an API user has created a private file, either via the API or in the Anaplan user interface, they will receive their private file instead of the default file.

If they haven't run a particular export in the past 48 hours, an API user who requests the export file via the Download Files action will receive the default file. End users will only receive the default file if the Export Action has been set for Everyone.

Setting default files via the API is not supported.

Access Overview Table and Diagram

The following table summarizes who can access private and default files set for imports.

  Once uploaded, the file can be accessed by…
Privacy Level - Set as Default File for:

The user who uploaded the file

Workspace Administrators

End users

Private file - No (keep private) Yes No No
Default file set for Admins only Yes Yes No
Default file set for Everyone Yes Yes Yes, but only via the Download Files action in the Anaplan API.

The following diagram summarizes which Workspace Administrators can access both default and private import files over a 48 hour period.


We may update our documentation occasionally, but will only do so in a way that does not negatively affect the features and functionality of the Anaplan service.