1. Modeling
  2. Build Models
  3. Manage Views

You can save different views of data in a module to capture various aspects of that data. Saving a view means you don’t have to constantly recreate the combination of pivoted items, page selection, etc. to arrive at the view.

Views are listed in Contents, indented beneath the module from which they were created.

The Manage Views option, on the View menu, enables you to maintain the views derived from a particular module. You can:

  • Open a view,
  • Move Up, Move Down to reorder the views on the list,
  • Rename the selected view,
  • Delete the selected view, and
  • Reset Default View to revert to the original format of the view.

Reset Default View

Creating a view may involve excluding some of the module’s line items.

If the view is saved as the default view, excluded line items are inaccessible and not visible as a dimension. To make excluded line items visible again, select Reset Default View in the View > Manage Views dialog.