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Excel Add-in frequently asked questions:

Questions related to limitations

What is the cell limit for Anaplan data on a worksheet?

There's a limit of 1,000,000 cells of Anaplan data per worksheet. If you try to create a connection that would result in more than 1,000,000 cells on a worksheet, the cell count displays in red and you cannot create the connection.

If you need to display more than 1,000,000 cells, you can split the data into multiple views and create multiple connections in separate sheets. Alternatively, you can pivot and filter your data to reduce the number of cells displayed.

See Excel specifications and limits(opens external page) for information on other maximum limitations.

What is the limit for list size?

The limit for list size of imported modules or views is 1,000,000 items. This means you cannot create a connection to a module that contains a list dimension with more than 1,000,000 items.

Where do totals (sums) display for columns? 

 Totals display at the bottom of columns in the Excel Add-in, regardless of the Totals Position selected in Anaplan.

How many Excel worksheets can I use with a Multi-Sheet Connection?

To optimize performance we recommend you use a limit of 20 Excel worksheets for each Multi-Sheet Connection.

Questions related to connections

Can I create a connection to subsidiary views?

You can connect to a module with subsidiary views in it, but the Excel Add-in does not display the contents of any subsidiary views.

My connection did not refresh properly, why? 
If you insert data or modify cells in a connection, you might break the cell range(opens external page) of the connection. If you break a connection's cell range, it may not refresh properly.

In order to include a cell range in a Refresh, keep the cell range together at all times, rather than break or split it. You can insert columns and rows in a worksheet(opens external page) and you can rename columns and rows in a worksheet, but must keep the cell range continuous.

Why does the connection or refresh speed seem slow?

The first new connection or refresh of data from Anaplan into the Add-in may take a few seconds. Once the data loads into memory, future refreshes of the same connection will be quicker.

Can I move my data after I extract it to a grid location?

You can only move data in a connection if you move all of it together. If you try to move a part of the data, or copy it it to another location or worksheet, the connection to Anaplan breaks. You can however insert columns and rows in a worksheet(opens external page), in a way that does not break the cell range.

What happens when I refresh my Brought-Forward line item configuration?

When a Brought-Forward configuration for a line item that is changed in a module, and you click Refresh: 

  • The change displays in the Excel Add-in after you sign out and sign in again. 
  • If you do not interact with the Excel Add-in for more than 30 minutes you're automatically signed out. Next time you sign in, the change is applied.
Questions related to compatibility 

Which languages does the Excel Add-in support?

The Excel Add-in only supports English.

Does the Excel Add-in work with other Add-ins on the market?

The Anaplan Excel Add-in is built to meet the Microsoft standard. We cannot guarantee it will work with other add-ins.

Is there an issue with page dimensions and the drop-down lists?

Users that use Excel 2010 may occasionally experience issues with drop-down lists in the Pivot and Filter dialog. Once you select a dimension to include on a Page, you're unable to use the drop-down list again to select or deselect another item. If the ribbon becomes unresponsive, sign out then sign in again. 

Can I use multiple Add-in versions on the same machine?
No. You cannot use multiple versions on the same machine.

Can I use my colleague's workbook if this person is using another version of the add-in?
Yes, you can use a colleague's workbook if one of the conditions below is met:

  • You and your colleague both use a Series 4 version of the Excel Add-in
  • You use more recent version of the Excel Add-in, regardless of version

Workbooks can be converted from Series 3 to Series 4 versions of the Excel Add-in. A back-up of the file from before conversion is available upon conversion. For more information, see Workbook Conversion.

Can I apply Anaplan style settings to my worksheets?

Yes. Click Settings and then select Apply Anaplan styling to your worksheet. This includes cell borders and cell colors, but not conditional formatting.

Why is my Anaplan ribbon disabled?

This is often because your workbook requires conversion to be compatible with your current version of the Excel Add-in. If this is the case, a red dot displays on the Workbook Conversion button. Once you complete the conversion, the ribbon is enabled.

For more information, see Workbook Conversion.

What if I can't find the module I want to connect to?

If you cannot find the module you want to connect to, sign out and back in to the add-in. This clears the cache and may resolve the issue.

Alternatively, check your access permissions with your Anaplan workspace administrator.