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  3. Log in to your mobile app
  4. Log in with face recognition

You can log in to your Anaplan mobile app with face recognition, via the login page or the menu icon.

Face recognition is available only to non-SSO users on iOS devices.

To set up a login with face recognition, you must first:

When you log in for the first time, we'll ask you to consent to our Privacy Policy.

To proceed, check the box and tap Continue.


To enable Face ID via the login page:

  1. Log in as a non-SSO user.
    A dialog displays to ask if you want to enable Face ID.
Enable Face ID dialog. Options are: Don't Allow and OK.
  1. Tap OK.
    A dialog displays to confirm Face ID is enabled.
    You can now log in to your Anaplan mobile app with Face ID.

To enable Face ID via the menu icon:

  1. Log in as a non-SSO user.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left of the screen.
    The menu page displays.
  3. Go to Enable Face ID and move the toggle to the right.
    This opens the camera on your device.
  4. Look at the camera to confirm your identity.
    If successful, this enables Face ID.
    We'll ask you to log in via biometrics each time you return to the mobile app.
Mobile menu screen with the Enable Face ID option toggled right. This means Face ID is enabled.
  1. Enter the password that you use for your non-SSO login.

Your device may also permit touch recognition. See Log in with touch recognition for further details.