1. Modeling
  2. Working with Data
  3. Refresh

Refresh updates the data on your screen to make sure it is identical to the data on the server. You can access Refresh from the Edit menu or on the toolbar.

Since Anaplan is a collaborative planning cloud, another user could be working in the same area as you: the same App, the same module, the same line item or the same piece of data. Anaplan will warn you if the data you're working on has been changed by someone else but you can click Refresh to make sure the data is current. It's also handy when model building — see your changes taking effect and make sure they're not impacted by other model builders.

Using Refresh with the Filter tool

If you use the Filter tool to display a set of values, then edit one of those values and take it outside the filter rules, the edited row won't disappear from the screen immediately. Click Refresh to update the display.

Charts that require Refresh

A manual Refresh is required to update any chart based on a grid with Filter, Sort, Hide, or Level-based Selections applied — the chart will not update dynamically. This applies whether data was added manually or via an import from the Settings tab. It applies to all kinds of data items (line items, line item subsets, simple lists, composite lists, numbered lists, list subsets).