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  3. Text

On a worksheet or board, you can enter text into the cells of a grid, if data entry has been enabled.

Text may be entered only within a text-formatted cell.

For other kinds of data-entry, see Checkboxes, Dates, Field cards, Lists, and Numbers.

To enter text into a cell:

  1. Double-tap on the cell you want to update.
    This opens the cell in edit mode.
    You can also tap the cell to select it, and tap either the cell preview or the pencil icon to open edit mode.
    To deselect the cell, tap the close icon (X).
Worksheet titled Team Outing Destinations. Countries display on rows. Comments and Votes display on columns. The Comments cell for Austria is selected. The text-editing window displays at the bottom.
  1. Enter the text you want to add.
  2. Tap the green tick to confirm your selection.
    The cell updates with the newly-added text.