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  4. Board pages
  5. Add cards to a board
  6. Add an image card to a board

Image cards provide a visual identifier for a line item. For example, you can use an image to identify office locations, products, or different employees in your company. 

You can include multiple image cards on a board.

To add an image card to a board, the source model of the board must contain a text-formatted line item. The text-formatted line item must be link-formatted and contain an image URL. To learn how to create a suitable line item in Anaplan, see Add Images to Dashboards.

To add an image card to a board:

  1. Open the board in designer mode.
  2. In the Cards panel, under Add card, double-click the Image tile, or drag it onto the board.
    By default, the card displays, full-width, on the board.
  3. Click Configure image on the image card.
    On the right hand, the Card configuration panel displays.
  4. In the Overview tab select a Module. The module must contain a line item of image format, describing a valid URL.
  5. Select the image line item.
    The selected image displays in the image card.
  6. Optionally:
    • Enter a title in the Title field.
      The default title for an image card is the name of the selected line item.
    • Enter a description of the card in the Description field.
      The description displays in a tooltip when you hover your cursor over the i icon in the top-left of the card.
    • Select a page from the Link to a page drop-down list. The card title links to the page you select.
      If you have not entered a card title, the name of the page you link to displays as the card title.
An image card displays with the card configuration panel on the right-hand side. The panel displays the Overview tab with the image configuration options.
    • In the Image tab, toggle Display card background to display or hide the background of the image card.
      The background of cards is enabled by default.
    • Configure context selectors.
  1. Click Publish to save the image card to the board.
    Once published, if the module has multiple dimensions, a context selector will appear on the top-right corner of the page so you can select which URL to show. This selector allows you to select the image of your choice.