1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. DocuSign for Anaplan
  4. Create Envelopes

An envelope is a container for the documents you want to send to your list of recipients. These documents are populated with data retrieved from the Anaplan module view you select. You can reuse envelopes as often as you like.

You must create an envelope before you can send your documents for signature. If you haven't already done so, make sure you've configured Anaplan and DocuSign.

The envelopes you create are linked to the selected Anaplan account, workspace, and model, and your DocuSign account. They can't be shared among users.

Step 1: Main Settings

  1. In the Envelopes tab, click New.
    The Create a new envelope wizard opens.
  2. In the Name your Envelope box, enter a unique name.
  3. Select the module and view that contain the data you want to populate the documents with.
  4. Select the DocuSign template you want to send. This must contain at least one "Text" tag per document.
  5. Click Continue.

Step 2: Document Tags

  1. Use the lists (on the left) to map the column headers of your Anaplan view to the relevant DocuSign template tags (on the right). This allows you to define which Anaplan data should be populated in which DocuSign tag.
  2. Notes:
    • The DocuSign tags (on the right) are the fields you've entered in your DocuSign template. A list of numbers is displayed if you haven't entered any labels to identify them.
    • Columns that are hidden in Anaplan don't appear in the lists.
    • If you don't select any columns, the DocuSign tags are not populated with any data when you send the document. Ensure all target DocuSign tags are mapped to a source Anaplan line item. Do not leave any DocuSign tags unmapped.
    • If you add tags to the DocuSign template after you create the envelope, re-open the envelope and map the new tags to the relevant Anaplan column headers. If you miss this step, the sent documents won't be populated with any data.
    • The lists are empty if your Anaplan view doesn't contain any data.

  3. Click Create Envelope.

The envelope is created and listed on the Envelopes page. You can now link the envelope to a DocuSign workflow. For more information, see Create DocuSign Workflows.

You can reuse envelopes and modify them by clicking Edit on the Envelopes page. Reusing existing envelopes doesn't affect any envelopes that have previously been sent.

Edit an Envelope

You can edit existing envelopes and modify their mappings from the Envelopes tab. This is useful if you've added new tags to the DocuSign template.

To edit an envelope:

  1. Go to the Envelopes tab.
  2. Select the envelope you want to edit and then click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and then click Save Changes.

If you previously sent the envelope, your updates won't affect the documents you've already sent.

Delete an Envelope

To delete an envelope, there must be no workflow associated with the envelope.

To delete an envelope:

  1. Go to the Envelopes tab.
  2. Select the envelope to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.