1. Data integration
  2. Third-party Data Integration
  3. DocuSign for Anaplan
  4. Work with Envelopes

Previewing an envelope lets you verify that it's correctly set up before you send it. The details of the envelope are displayed in a table and you can quickly identify all recipients, their roles, and the signing order you've defined in the DocuSign Template. If you want to use data and recipients that are stored in a different Anaplan dimension, you can select it here.

Preview and Send a Document

  1. Go to the Workflows tab.
  2. Select the DocuSign workflow that's linked to the envelope you want to send, then click Preview and Send.
  3. Tip: If you notice any errors in the table, click Cancel and Close and make the necessary changes in Anaplan and/or DocuSign. The envelope is then automatically updated. For more information on columns and envelope status, see Tables Reference.
  4. Optionally, use the Dimensions lists to select the Anaplan dimensions that contain the recipients' names, roles, email addresses, and the data you want to use. If you're using two Anaplan module views, the selected dimensions are applied to both.
  5. Make sure the Anaplan module views you select for the envelope and workflow have the same:
    • dimensions.
    • lists displayed on rows (in the same order). For example, recipients' names, IDs, numbers, etc.
    • hidden rows.
    • level of hierarchy selected.

    You won't be able to send the envelope if the views you select don't have the same structure.

  6. Once loading completes, click Send with DocuSign. This button is unavailable if the envelope doesn't contain at least one valid email address and if the recipients' names column is empty.
  7. You can only send or cancel one envelope at a time. Any Envelopes you send or cancel after that are queued until the first one completes. To find out if your Envelope has been sent or canceled you must open the envelope and check the status of each document sent from that Envelope. If one or more documents have a different status than the envelope, this means the Send action or Cancel action isn't complete yet. For more information, see Tables Reference.

You've sent the envelope and each recipient listed in the table will receive a DocuSign email with a link to the document they must sign. The document is populated with the data returned by the selected column headers of the Anaplan view.

You can track the signing status on the Sent Documents tab, which automatically opens once you've clicked Send with DocuSign. For more information, see Track the Status of Sent envelopes, below.

Tips: If your envelope contains a large number of recipients, it could take a while before they all receive their DocuSign email. For more information on the status of envelope and individual documents, see Tables Reference.

When reusing a workflow within a module, for instance when you want to resend a document, clear the data in the columns used to track the document before you resend it. This ensures that new statuses are updated in the module.

Void Documents

To void a selected document:

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab.
  2. Select the envelop containing the document to cancel.
  3. Select one or more documents to cancel.
  4. Click Void selected docs.
  5. In the confirmation window, click Void selected documents.

The status of the document displays as Canceled on the Sent Documents tab.

To void all documents in an envelope:

Only envelopes that do not have a Completed status can be voided.

Note: Voiding an envelope can take some time if it contains a large number of recipients. Consequently, some recipients may have received the document and some may not. When you void an envelope, recipients who:

  • Have not received the documents from that DocuSign Envelope will not be affected by the voiding.
  • Have received the documents from the DocuSign Envelope but haven't signed it yet, won't be able to view or sign the documents.
  • Have signed the documents from the DocuSign Envelope and have the Completed status, won't be informed that the document has been voided.
  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab.
  2. Select the in progress aggregate document containing the document to cancel.
  3. Click Void all docs.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Void all documents.

Track the Status of Sent Envelopes

You can track the signing status of a sent envelope from the integration and from Anaplan.

Track Status From the DocuSign Integration

The Sent Documents page provides an overview of the envelopes you've sent.

You can find out how many documents an envelope contains, how many of them have been signed (Completed Documents), how many are waiting to be signed (Pending Documents), and how many have been rejected (Declined Documents).

Click an envelope to view more details, including the signing status per document. The columns of that table follow the signing order you've defined in the DocuSign template. For more information, see Tables Reference.

To track the signing status of envelopes:

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab. A high-level overview of all sent envelopes is displayed.
  2. Click an envelope and review the status of all its sent documents.
  3. When you're done, click Close to go back to the Sent Documents overview.

Track Status From Anaplan

You can track the signing status of sent envelopes from Anaplan by manually copying the status information to Anaplan. You must click Update Anaplan to get the latest signing status.

Prerequisites: To use this option, you must have configured your Anaplan view and selected the Track status in Anaplan checkbox when creating a workflow. For more information, see Set Up and Configure DocuSign for Anaplan. This option must be selected before you send the envelope.

To track the signing status of envelopes:

  1. Go to the Sent Documents tab.
  2. Select an aggregate document.
  3. Click Update Anaplan.

Your Anaplan view is updated with the latest status details. The Update Anaplan button is disabled until new status information is retrieved by the integration.