You can export a board as a PDF. This enables you to share your board with stakeholders, or keep the file as an image of your board at a specific point in time.

Ensure your board displays the information you want to share before you export it.

When you export your board, the file saves as a PDF image of the page. You cannot select and copy text from the PDF.

The export feature copies what displays in your browser. So any grids that have scroll bars will only display in the PDF that which is visible in your browser. 

If your board contains context selectors, the context selected for the board will be the same in your PDF.

Images from image cards display only if the image hosting service supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Most file storage sites support CORS. If your image host does not support CORS, a white square displays on your PDF in place of the image.

Note: To export a board as a PDF you must use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari as your browser. 

To export a board as a PDF, select Page options > Export as PDF. The PDF downloads and saves with a filename based on the name of your board. For example, a board named Payroll will be saved as Payroll.pdf when you export it.