If a landing dashboard is assigned to a role, users sharing that role will have the landing dashboard presented to them when they log in.

Landing dashboards provide users with a consistent approach to the way they work, reduce the clutter on their screen, and improve the user experience.

Workspace administrators can build separate landing dashboards, with specific attributes for each role, which is much more efficient than a one-size-fits-all approach.

A well-constructed landing dashboard streamlines processes by providing grids and charts to help users focus on what they should be doing next. Using a landing dashboard in conjunction with Workflow enables users to see which tasks are still in progress or yet to be started.

Landing dashboards and roles

As an administrator, you can assign groups of users, who share a common profile, to a Role and then associate that role with a specific landing dashboard.

If it’s appropriate, you can assign the same landing dashboard to more than one role — you just need to be sure that it really does meet the needs of the roles you’re assigning it to.

To assign a landing dashboard to a role, go to Model Settings > Usersand select the Roles tab. All users assigned to that role will see the same landing dashboard.

Appropriate access rights must be given to all modules referenced by a dashboard for a user to view the dashboard.

If a landing dashboard has been assigned to a role, Contents is hidden. If a landing dashboard is not assigned, Contents is visible so that the user can select an item to work with.

Workspace administrators will always see the Workflow tab, Model Map tab, and Settings tab, in that order, followed by the landing dashboard, if they have one. End users will only see the Workflow tab if Workflow is enabled for the model.

When a user opens further modules and dashboards, their landing dashboard displays a Home icon. When they go back to the landing dashboard, the Dashboard menu icon replaces the Home icon.

Landing dashboard when other items are active:   Landing dashboard active with dashboard menu:

If you close it, you can display your landing dashboard again by clicking on the model name at the top of the screen.


Your users might report that a landing dashboard seems to be invalid – they can’t access the data on some parts of the dashboard.

Go to Model Settings > Dashboards and look at the Used Modules column. It shows all of the modules referenced by each dashboard. It's likely that the user doesn’t have access to one or more modules.


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