Anaplan provides integration options at multiple levels, ranging from the environment of popular applications, to a command-line utility, to an application programming interface. Visit the Data integration community to learn more about getting data in and out of Anaplan and collaborate with the experts.

Anaplan data integration

Anaplan data integration supports:

  • Manual import from text files
  • Manual export to .XLS, .CSV, .TXT, or .PDF
  • Writing Windows batch files (or UNIX/Linus/MacOS shell scripts) that automate the import, export, deletion of obsolete data, or the combination of multiple actions into a single process through the Anaplan Connect API Client that includes a command-line interface.
  • The software programmer who writes code that calls the Anaplan Application Programming Interface (API) that underlines Anaplan Connect. See the Anaplan API Guide and Reference.

Third-party data integration

Third-party data integration enables data transfer between Anaplan and other applications:

  • Anaplan Connector for Boomi enables Dell Boomi users to develop processes that extract, transform, and load data from an external system into Anaplan.
  • Anaplan Connector for Informatica allows you to build an Informatica Cloud mapping that automates the running of an Anaplan action.
  • Anaplan Connector for MuleSoft allows you to design and configure integration solutions from Anaplan to other applications, such as Workday, and SAP. It's an alternative to Anaplan Connect and allows you to build Anypoint flows that work with Anaplan Lists, Anaplan Modules, and Anaplan User Access.
  • Anaplan Connector for Power BI Desktop enables access to your Anaplan model exports. The connector synchronizes with Anaplan APIs and enables you to load export actions saved in your Anaplan models, directly into Power BI.
  • Anaplan OneCloud integration enables data integrations with Anaplan and other enterprise applications. You can connect your source and target systems, perform data transformation, and setup notifications and approval workflows.
  • Anaplan SnapLogic Integration enables users of the SnapLogic cloud integration platform to design transfers involving Anaplan data.
  • Anaplan Tableau Integration provides a way to Export data from Anaplan to Tableau. Using Tableau’s Anaplan connector, you can directly connect to Anaplan in a few easy steps.

Application integration

Application Integration provides access to the Anaplan application from within a different application. For example, the tab allows any user access to Anaplan from the Anaplan tab within


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