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Returns a value from the next period.




  • x: the value to return


Input Format Output Format

x: Number, Boolean, date, time period, list item, text

Matches the data format used by argument x


The function uses the following arguments:

  • x: Number, Boolean, date, time period, list, or text-formatted line item


The function has the following constraints:

  • Result formatting must match source formatting.
  • If source is list-formatted, result must be list-formatted to the same list.
  • If source is time period-formatted, result must be formatted for the same time period. For example, if source is time period-formatted for months, result must be time period-formatted for months.

Excel equivalent

  • No Excel equivalent

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In this example, we have a simple Income Statement module, with line items on rows, a time dimension on columns, and Organization and Versions as pages. The number-formatted Net Profit line item shows calculated net profit each month and for the forecast version switchover is set at Mar 14. We can use the NEXT function in the number-formatted Forecast Profit Change result line item against the Net Profit source to track projected month-by-month profit changes for the forecast version:

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