Use miscellaneous functions to perform a range of calculations with your data.

Title Description

The CODE function returns a list item's code.


Use the COLLECT function in a module that includes a line item subset to pull the source line item values into the module.


The CURRENTVERSION function returns the value from another line item for the version that is set as Current in a model.


The FINDITEM function searches for a text value within the names and codes of the items or time periods in a given list or Time respectively. If the FINDITEM function finds a match, it returns the corresponding list item or time period.


When used with a list, the ITEM function returns the list item that applies to each cell. When used with Time, it returns the time period that applies to each cell.


The NEXTVERSION function evaluates the given expression using the next version.


The PARENT function returns the parent item of list items and time periods.


The PREVIOUSVERSION function evaluates the given expression using the previous version.


The RANK function evaluates a set of values and assigns sequential rankings starting at 1.


The RANKCUMULATE function ranks values and then cumulates values in order of the ranking. It can perform ranking separately across different groups.


The VALUE function converts text values that represent numbers to numbers.


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