1. Modeling
  2. Build Models
  3. Insert or Copy a Module

This topic shows you how to:

Insert a Module

You can insert a new module in Model Settings > Modules.

A 60-character limit is imposed on module names and a warning dialog displays if you exceed that limit.

  1. In Model Settings > Modules, click Insert Module.
  2. In the New Module dialog, enter a name for the module.
    The New Module dialogue.
    Line Items display on rows, Time on columns, and Lists and Roll-ups to the left of the dialog.
  1. Drag any of the lists onto rows, columns, or pages, as required. Time ranges are not displayed as a dimension in the New Module dialog until you deselect the Time dimension. For more, see Search.
  1. Click the edit icon to add more line items.

    A 60-character limit is imposed on line item names and a warning displays if you exceed that limit.
  1. Click OK.
    The new module is shown in grid view.

Copy a Module

Copying a module allows you to build your models quickly and efficiently without manually duplicating identical or very similar modules or groups of line items. You can copy a module, make changes to the copy, and test out the effect of those changes, without affecting the original model and its data.

If you're a Workspace Administrator you can copy modules you don't have access to. However, you won't be able to open the copied modules because your access permissions are inherited. In this situation, if you want to open either the original or the copy module, go to Settings > Users and amend the permissions.

When you copy a module, any line item subsets associated with that module, and any module scope version formulas applied to line items in the module, will not be copied. For example:

  1. In Model Settings > Modules, select the module to copy and click the Copy button.
    The Copy Module dialog displays.
  1. Edit the default name, if required.
  2. Select either Include all views to copy saved views, or Default view only to exclude saved views.
  3. Select the Include cell data in module copy check box to include cell data in the copy.
  4. Select a Functional Area.
  5. Click OK.
    The dialog closes and the copied module opens.