Store your most valuable pages in the Favorites category for ease of retrieval.

To favorite a page in My Pages:

Click the star icon on the left of the ellipsis () for the page.

Page name in My Pages contents. A red arrow indicates the star icon next to the ellipsis for the page name.

If this is the first page you've added to Favorites:

  • the center screen displays the newly-created Favorites category and the added page, and
  • the Quick Access sidebar displays the newly-created Favorites label and the number of favorited pages (1).
    Click the label to jump to the category in the center screen. This is convenient when the Most recent category, displayed at the top of your My Pages contents, would take time to scroll through.

If you've already added pages:

  • the Favorites category updates to display the newly-added page, and
  • the Favorites label displays the updated number of pages.

To add further pages, click the star icon next to the ellipsis () for each one.